Client Testimonial

Matt - Contractor

Halsey, Oregon



"My score jumped 24 points and my wife’s 66 points in just 15 days,

which saved us from losing the house!"




My wife started talking about wanting to buy a house and she had quite a few arguments as to why we should stop renting; “we’re throwing money away by paying some else’s mortgage”, “we don’t even like this house or neighborhood”, “if we buy we will have less of a commute.”


We went to apply for a home loan and was surprised that our credit scores were so low, but we still qualified, so we got our preapproval letter and started looking at houses. We found one we liked, made and offer and did all the stuff you need to do to buy a house. Then right before we were going to sign the paper for the loan we were told that my credit score dropped and I needed just one point to qualify again. I didn’t know that know that loans were that strict about your credit score when buying a house.


The lender told us that there is this local company that can help us and has helped plenty of his other clients in similar situations. The lender had nothing but good things to say about this company so we called them before we left the parking lot.


By going over my credit report with me and asking questions, I was clear on what was hurting my credit, what it was going to take and that the medical bill that went collections (which I don’t remember being sick or visiting a doctor around that time) were not actually mine. And I’m glad that we found that out because in order for me to get the home loan those collections needed to be paid, and I was going to pay them!


In the end My credit score went up 24 points and my wifes 66 points in 14 days! I saved $3000 on the collections I was going to pay that were not mine and the best part is we got the house and a lower mortgage payment because of having better credit.


I'm so glad that our lender had Ez Credit as a resources, thank you so much Erin & Karen!




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