Client Testimonial

April - Insurance Agent

Eugene, OR


"My husband’s credit score jumped 90+ points in less than 30 days,

I did not know that was even possible!"



My husband and I had been renting this cute house for about 5 years when the owners decided they wanted to sell it and offered us the first chance to buy it. I thought this is great! We love this house, our family is settled here, the kids have friends nearby and the schools are great.

The owners gave us a year to get financing, so of course we went straight to the bank to apply for a mortgage and got denied… The lady at the bank said that our credit scores did not meet the minimum requirements so she can’t help us and most likely no one else can either with those kind of credit scores.

So of course the first thing I asked was “how do we fix it? what do we need to do so we can get approved?” and the she told us “I’m sorry, it looks like you’ll just have to wait for your scores to come up.”

I remember leaving the bank thinking “this sucks, there has to be a way to fix it.” When we got home I started looking up how to “fix my credit” and found Ez Credit Consulting & Repair website, so I gave them a call. When I called I found out they are local and it’s a family owned and operated company. I don’t know why but there is comfort in knowing they are located here in Oregon.

They looked at both our credit for FREE and told us straight up what needs to be fixed and how long it should take. My husband and I both enrolled and the it was amazing at how fast our credit scores went up! Our credit improved so much that when I lost my job 2 months before we were supposed to buy the house we were living in my husband’s credit was so good that we were able to get the house on his credit alone!

I had no hope when I left the bank that day, but a phone call to the girls at Ez Credit Consulting changed everything for us! My husband’s credit score jumped 90+ points in less than 30 days, I did not know that was even possible. We we’re both so excited and now we’re homeowners and both our credit scores are over 700!

If you are not sure if credit repair is worth it, I’m here to tell that we will save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan just by having the lower rates that are only eligible for those with great credit!!


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