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Think of your credit score and report this way… Your credit score is your “GPA” (like from school), and your credit report is like your “report card”. Your report card is your history added up and then given a number (GPA) based on how well you did in school.

Well your credit report and score work exactly the same way! The way you have managed your commitments and pay your bills is all added up, and ran thought a program based on what you are looking to get approved for (auto, home, credit card)… then it spits out a number that represents your risk level… aka your credit score.

A low score says either A. That you have proven that you do not hold up your end of the commitments you make OR B. You are using more than 30% of the credit extended to you, which look like you are “using credit to live” … and that does not make you a good risk.

See how else your daily life is affected by your credit score.

How Your Credit Score is Calculated
Payment History
Available Credit
Length of History
Type of Credit
Number of Inquiries

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